Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zubu Chon: Neglecting Cholesterol Level Warning

As I was covering for the 7th Aboitiz Future Leaders Business Summit, the organizers treated me and Manila press people for a dinner at Zubu Chon right after we our own version of the pre-summit tour. It was a very timely one since I decided for myself that I would try the lechon restaurants that celebrities kept on uttering and boasting about whenever they are in Cebu.

Since they are the considered tourists, the Manila press people had the liberty to choose the food that we ate. And I was so glad that they didn't fail my appetite. For the drinks, I was given the liberty to choose my drink, so I ordered my so-called drink from heaven, Grape Shake.

Turon with Dolce de Leche dip.
Sinigang. And I felt heaven when I tasted it.
Crispy Lechon de Cebu.
Boneless Lechon De Cebu.
Drinks: Grape Shake, Mango Shake, Kamias Shake, and Santol Juice (this is very interesting!)
I did not really find any difference between the Crispy Lechon De Cebu from the boneless one. Maybe because I am so used to eating Lechon. I really find the Santol Juice very interesting to the point that I really wanted to change the drink that I ordered, but I was so shy to tell the organizers.

Among the foods that we ate, this really caught my tastebuds: The Lechon-filled Squid.

Lechon-filled Squid
At first glance, I thought this food has nothing special in it. But when I took a bite, my eyes opened in delight. The lechon inside the squid really tastes different from the 2 lechons that were served in our plate. The taste has a little sour kick like that of the Ginataang Puso ng Saging recipe (Banana Blossom cooked with Coconut Milk). I'm not sure but maybe that is how the lechon filling is cooked, but it is really something worth trying. Now I have a reason to go back to Zubu Chon!