Monday, April 16, 2012

District 50 at J. Centre Mall

Inside a mall is a place where the ambiance is in the 50's, filled with international cuisine, and familiar car from the past. I am talking about District 50 which is located at the heart of J. Centre Mall.

As you enter in the restaurant, decorations that will bring you back to the 1950's will welcome you, bicycle in the ceiling, photos of vintage cars, and Elvis Presley memorabilia, that will surely make you feel going back in time while dining.

A bicycle in the ceiling!
Looks familiar, right?
Who says you can't dine inside a car?
You cannot call it a restaurant without food, right? At the start of this post, I said "international cuisine", and I mean it. They serve French, Asian, American, Greek and Mediterranean dishes, fit for every Pinoy's tongue. I tried their best-seller, the Barbaric Ribs, and no wonder it is named "barbaric" because you will eat like a barbarian if you tasted it.

Barbaric Ribs
District 50 staff serving their best-seller dish.
Aside from the Barbaric Ribs, here are two of the dishes that I like when I went there: Chicken Parmesan and Spicy Belly. Chicken Parmesan, from its name, is a combination of a chicken meat sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, poured with a tasty sauce. You can really taste the chicken and the cheese once you give a bit to this dish.

Chicken Parmesan
Spicy Belly is a modern kick of our very own Bicol Express. The spicy flavor of this dish gave me a crazy appetite, making me dig into this dish more.

Spicy Belly
And if we say restaurant, we must also take into consideration the cleanliness and safety of the dishes they serve. Talking about this matter, District 50 is very proud to say that their dishes are safe and clean. They even made their kitchen very open, so that customers can see how their dishes are being made, giving a clear assurance that they serve nothing but healthy food.

District 50's open kitchen
District 50 is open from 10 AM to 11 PM, and every weekends, it can be extended until 2 AM. They also accept reservations for special events, just call them at (032) 520-6562 a week before the event. District 50 is located at J. Centre Mall, Corner Bakilid Street, A. S. Fortuna, Mandaue City. For more information regarding District 50, visit their Facebook Page: and follow their Twitter account: